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Are you new to grant writing? Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start?
Check out our NEW digital course, The ABCs of Grant Writing!

SMP Nonprofit Consulting is a full-service, virtual-based firm that provides grant writing, capacity building, and fund development support to nonprofits.  We have dedicated over five years of service to the social sector, and have secured more than $4.5 million for organizations across the United States.


We deeply value partnering with nonprofits, particularly those led by and that serve BIPOC communities. Our approach begins with helping clients assess their current stage of development, understand their distinctive position in the philanthropic ecosystem, and provide customized support based on their unique needs. As advocates and resource mobilizers for nonprofit organizations, we get to see jobs created, families supported, children receiving a quality education, and communities changing for the better.

Work With Us 


Our coaching cohort will prepare and position your nonprofit to win foundation and corporate grants without having to hire a full-time grant writer or consultant.


Looking to fund your nonprofit through grants and need extra support? We've got you covered. 


We can help you find grants for your nonprofit and help you plan your grant submission strategy! 

Meet Our Founder

Sheleia Phillips, MPH, CHES is the Founder and Principal Consultant of SMP Nonprofit Consulting. A servant leader, Sheleia has dedicated herself to the growth and development of nonprofits for nearly ten years. To date, Sheleia has secured over $4.5 million dollars in grant revenue for youth development, education, and health programs. Sheleia believes that nonprofit agencies are essential to creating the change we all want to see. She has a deep passion for serving those who serve others and helping community organizations succeed. Sheleia motivates and empowers others with her can-do attitude, enthusiasm, and positive personality.


Your journey toward raising more money for your nonprofit begins today. 

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