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It is my God-given assignment to empower and support nonprofits who are devoted to the common good of society.   

Sheleia Phillips, MPH, CHES is the Founder and Principal Consultant of SMP Nonprofit Consulting. A servant leader, Sheleia has dedicated herself to the growth and development of nonprofits for the past six years. A graduate from Saint Louis University College of Public Health and Social Justice, Sheleia is equipped with advanced training in public health, program design, and public policy regarding maternal and child health. Sheleia has an affinity for research thus making her an advocate for implementing evidence-based approaches. Sheleia has secured and co-authored over $3 million dollars in grant awards for youth development, education, and health programs. She is also a grant reviewer for federal agencies such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 


A Bank of America Emerging Leaders alum, Sheleia believes that nonprofit agencies are essential to creating the change we all want to see. She has a deep passion for serving those who serve others and helping community organizations succeed. Sheleia motivates and empowers others with her can-do attitude, enthusiasm, and positive personality.   

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