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Get connected to a peer-to-peer learning community of nonprofit professionals working toward their fundraising goals.

Get guided support from an expert coach to get your nonprofit grant ready.

Gain access to a documented, step-by-step curriculum that will give you the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience you need to write competitive grant proposals. 

An 8-week group coaching program that will position your nonprofit to win foundation and corporate funding by creating fundable, high-quality programs.


Join the waitlist today to find out how you can:

The Write Solution™
The grant writing solution that your nonprofit has been waiting for!

Get a fully written grant proposal, bonus tools, and plug-and-play templates that will make the grant writing process less stressful. 

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Sheleia Phillips, MPH, is the Founder and Principal Consultant of SMP Nonprofit Consulting. Known as the self-taught intern turned 7-figure grant writer, Sheleia has authored and co-authored over $5 million in grant funding for youth development, education, and health programs. Utilizing her unique perspective on the grants and nonprofit industry, Sheleia successfully motivates others with her can-do attitude, enthusiasm, and cheerful personality.


Sheleia Phillips

Founder and Principal  

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