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Women's History Month Spotlight: Project Compassion, NFP

“Unless we are willing to share with others and give back to those who are less fortunate; we have not obtained the true meaning of love, kindness, and compassion.”

Meet Rachel R. Jackson, Executive Director of Project Compassion, NFP. Under Rachel’s leadership, Project Compassion has assisted over 70,000 homeless, disadvantaged and low-income men, women and children with food, shelter, seasonal supplies, hygiene items, life skills workshops, and vocational training. They have also provided over 15,000 personal care and seasonal items, as well as on-going assistance to low-income shelters/facilities in the community.

The mission of Project Compassion, NFP is to enhance the lives of low-income and homeless young adults and youth in the community through education, compassion, and empowerment. Their strategy is simple: to provide clients with their basic needs first, build relationships, and then provide the training they need to succeed. Project Compassion, NFP implements quality Life Skills, Life Enhancement, and Workforce Development programs to increase the employability and successful transition of their clients from homelessness and/or poverty to independence.

Want to learn more about Rachel or donate to Project Compassion, NFP? Visit or check them out on Facebook Project Compassion, NFP!

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